As a prolific and of the finest Ghanaian artist. Nii Teiko is exerting considerable influence on the contemporary art scene on the African continent, having received applause for his unique and identifiable painting style”lineism”. With this style he enploys the prominent use of the edge of the pallet knife to apply Acrylic or oil paint to create realism or semi abstract images with either horizontal or vertical lines on the face of the canvas, with modern painting techniques in mind. His painting are a striking combination of colours.

With strong emphasis on lineism, Nii Teiko has created over two decides of visionary painting which he intends to translate into his own unique art history. His painting are inspired by natural, cultural, political, urban life, historical and socioeconomic concerns.

His love for art commenced at the tender age of six, when he mostly engaged himself with drawing, painting, clay molding, sewing etc. This uniquenchable interest in art motivated him to offer Visual Art as a course in High School. (St. John’s Grammar High School) in Achimota, Accra. During his days in St. John’s, he participated in several intercollege art competitions which earned him various awards. He also mounted an exhibition during the school’s 50th anniversary celebration.

Before obtaining a Diploma in Art and rising to recognition, Nii Teiko established a studio in his bedroom in the year 1997 and nick name it “the bedroom studio”, from here he launched his commercial painting career. His paintings are extremely compelling and interactive to it’s viewers.