JOSEPH "JOBLEK" ADIBLEKU Ghanaian, b. 1985


Joseph Adibleku (aka Joblek) is a contemporary Ghanaian artist, born in Accra, in 1985. He has been painting for the past twenty years. Joseph developed an early interest in art. He obtained his degree in painting and graphic design in Ankle College of art and design in early 2000. He is popularly known as Joblek, a name he obtained from his teachers and peers in class due to his wonderful creativity. Joseph graduated with a degree in art after a three years course, which includes graphic designing, textile designing and painting, he challenged and stretched himself through these years of education. Joseph had the opportunity to visit the Johannesburg art gallery and the major art museum in South Africa. It has superb collections of art including contemporary, historical, traditional southern African and international, which gave him a better idea of the world of art and to take the art profession seriously to the next level. His imagination goes beyond ordinary thoughts which reflect in his art works. He creates images through his own imagination. He has participated in some exhibitions in Europe and workshops within Accra Ghana. His skills in art are unlimited. He works with many mediums including acrylic, oil and water color paints as well as pastel and ink. He exhibits a sense of creativity and awareness in all his works with the taste of African, so as to bring viewers and admirers to the place where they will see his paintings as a mirror reflecting everyday life. Joseph captures the daily activities around him, and with his bold use of black strokes on canvas. 

“As an artist, painting is one of the most fulfilling desires and to create into existence the beauty of spirit and soul on a canvas, is the satisfaction of my life’s assignment in the scope of my existing space and time.”


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