Exhibitions | Berj Art Gallery

Berj Art Gallery, known for its unwavering commitment to promoting artistic excellence, recently took center stage in the cultural landscape with a captivating exhibition as part of the Création Africa Ghana launch. The event, held on Monday, November 13, 2023, at the residence of the French Ambassador, Mr. Jules Armand Aniambossou, marked a historic moment in the intersection of art, entrepreneurship, and cultural heritage.

Guided by the esteemed manager, William Prempeh, Berj Art Gallery had the honor of curating an exhibition that not only showcased the diversity of Ghanaian artistry but also paid tribute to the rich tapestry of the nation's history and identity. His Excellency President Akuffo Addo was guided through the exhibition, where a myriad of works from both present and late artists took center stage.

The exhibition, a celebration of Ghanaian artistic excellence, featured works from renowned artists such as Amon Kotei, Dr. Oku Ampofo, Billy Baffoe Bonnie, Betty Acquah, Willy Prospero, Jonathan Aggrey and Andre Dangno. The gallery presented a diverse array of artistic expressions, ranging from watercolor paintings to sculptures, abstract mixed media, and poignant portrayals of ordinary women.

Among the featured artists was Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey, a watercolor artist and art educator, who has garnered both local and international recognition, including prestigious awards like the Dr. Osayefo Kwame Nkrumah African Genius Young Icons Awards. Aggrey's participation in the exhibition added a touch of sophistication with his exceptional watercolor paintings, reflecting his mastery of the medium.

Dr. Kwaku Oku Ampofo, a figure who seamlessly intertwined the realms of art and medicine, was also spotlighted in the exhibition. His sculptures, crafted from vibrant hardwoods, cement, and terrazzo, not only showcased exceptional aesthetic beauty but also revealed an intimate understanding of materials. Dr. Ampofo's legacy extends beyond art, as he played a pivotal role in advancing herbal medicine in Ghana, leaving an indelible mark on healthcare in the region.


Billy Baffoe Bonnie, born in Accra, emerged as a luminary in the Ghanaian art scene. His distinctive style, characterized by bold brush strokes and vibrant semi-abstracts, captured the attention of art enthusiasts globally. Bonnie's achievements, including receiving the Golden European Award in the Czech Republic, showcased his trailblazing presence in the global art community.

The exhibition also paid homage to Amon Kotei, the architect of Ghana's identity, whose iconic design of the National Coat of Arms in 1957 remains a symbol of the nation's resilience and determination. Kotei's story, woven with threads of artistry, patriotism, and nation-building, was prominently featured, highlighting his enduring impact on Ghanaian art history.


Betty Acquah, another distinguished Ghanaian artist, added a unique dimension to the exhibition with her pointillist technique in oil and acrylic paintings. Her intricate portrayal of the trials, ambitions, celebrations, and triumphs of ordinary women underscored her deep reverence for the unsung heroines of our era.


Willy Prospero contribution to the curated exhibition emerges as a visionary exploration of contemporary African art. His vibrant and metamorphic canvas, inspired by a diverse array of sources, invite viewers into a realm where tradition intersects with modernity. Prospero's commitment to exploring societal, environmental, and geopolitical phenomena adds a dynamic layer to the exhibition's rich tapestry of Ghanaian artistry.


Andre, the Togolese artist and inaugural artist-in-residence at Berj Art Gallery, brought a contemporary edge to the exhibition with his mixed media abstract paintings. His creations served as a poignant commentary on identity, ancestry, and the dynamic social tapestry of African society, resonating with audiences worldwide.

The exhibition curated by Berj Art Gallery not only celebrated the individual brilliance of these artists but also painted a collective portrait of Ghanaian heritage, resilience, and creativity. The diverse range of artistic expressions, from traditional watercolor paintings to avant-garde mixed media, showcased the vibrancy and dynamism of Ghana's art scene.

As Berj Art Gallery continues to be an integral part of the global art community, this exhibition stands as a testament to the gallery's commitment to fostering dialogues on universal truths, cultural identity, and the transformative power of art. The showcased artworks, each a masterpiece in its own right, invite viewers into a profound exploration of the human experience and contribute to the rich tapestry of Ghanaian artistry on the world stage.