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Born in Accra, Ghana in 1980, Baffoe Bonnie Billy is a luminary of the Ghanaian art scene. A distinguished alumnus of the esteemed Ghanata College of Art and Design, Billy's distinctive style blends bold brush strokes with vibrant semi-abstracts, weaving together human figures and motifs in a tapestry of visual and intellectual intrigue.


The Artistic Symphony

Billy's creations are a testament to his mastery of shape, color, and pattern. Each piece is a visual symphony, harmonizing multiple layers of color to imbue his works with both astonishing visual richness and profound depth.


A Golden Milestone

In 2011, Billy achieved a historic milestone by becoming the first African, and the sole Ghanaian, to receive the prestigious Golden European Award in the Czech Republic. This momentous achievement solidified his status as a trailblazer in the global art community.


Art Basel Triumph

The global stage witnessed Billy's ascendancy at the renowned Art Basel in Miami, USA. His collections garnered prominent recognition, with a private gallery in Wynnewood showcasing his works on the event's final day. Notably, one of Billy's grandest pieces commanded a staggering price of over US$150,000.



2001: Ghanatta College of Art and Design (Selected)


Solo Exhibitions

2019: OBAA Solo Exhibition, VIVA Concept Store hosted by Adora Mba, Accra, Ghana

2016: Czech Republic embassy in Accra, Ghana

2011: Kř ižík Palace, Prague, Czech Republic


Selected Group Exhibitions


2021: Approved Art Launch, Miami ART BASEL, hosted by Kelvin Mensah

2020: Gertrude Foundation, Accra Art Fair, Ghana

2016: Art World Foundation, The Loom Gallery in Accra, Ghana



2011: Golden Europea Award, European Union of Arts, Czech Republic (First African and Ghanaian to win)



NESTLE Ghana, Brand Artist Collaboration, Accra, Ghana

MTN Ghana Telecommunications 25th anniversary Collaboration, Accra, Ghana

Bukom Boxing arena Graffiti Collaboration



MTN Ghana foundation Collection

Adora Mba Collection, Accra, Ghana

Joyce Quarshie Collection (Berj Art Gallery) Accra, Ghana

NESTLE Ghana Collection

The Dean Collection, USA

Private Collections in the USA

Private Collections in the UK


Baffoe Bonnie Billy's artistic voyage is a celebration of Ghanaian heritage and a testament to his indelible mark on the global art stage. Through vibrant strokes and evocative imagery, he invites viewers to embark on a journey of cultural resonance and visual delight.


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