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Dive into the evocative world of Andre, a Togolese artist whose mixed media abstract paintings serve as a poignant commentary on identity, ancestry, and the dynamic social tapestry of African society. Through his compelling works, he dismantles established narratives, offering a profound metamorphic perspective.


An Artisan's Odyssey

Hailing from Ames Decor, Lomé Togo, Andre's artistic journey is rooted in the streets he calls home. His mission is to unearth the unspoken stories embedded within his surroundings. In the medium of mixed media, he finds the language to express the intricate complexities of his heritage and the societal dynamics that shape his existence.


Symbolism: Unearthing Deeper Truths

For Andre, each material he employs in his creations carries symbolic weight. It becomes a lens through which he deciphers the world. From collecting discarded plastic bags to salvaging fragments of wood, his childhood experiences laid the foundation for a unique artistic language.


The Berj Art Residency

Andre's distinctive vision led him to become the inaugural artist-in-residence at Berj Art Gallery. Over five transformative months, his studio echoed with the alchemy of creation. The culmination was the October 2021 exhibition, "FRAGMENTS FROM THE STREETS," a triumph that resonated globally and catapulted him to international recognition.


Beyond Borders

Andre's talent transcends geographical boundaries. His works have found homes in diverse collections worldwide, a testament to the universal resonance of his narratives. His art speaks a language that knows no borders, forging connections on a global scale.


A Star in Collective Brilliance

Andre's participation in the Art After Dark group exhibition hosted by Trance was a testament to his rising prominence in the artistic community. His voice, enriched by the chorus of fellow creatives, echoed through the gallery, leaving an indelible mark on all who experienced it.


Andre's artistic odyssey is a testament to the power of storytelling through visuals. With mixed media as his chosen lexicon, he unravels the intricate threads that bind identity, heritage, and societal transformation. Each creation is a fragment of a larger narrative, inviting viewers to join him on this evocative journey.


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Installation shots