ANDRE DANGNO | Berj Art Gallery | Togolese Artist

Graduated from Ames Decor, Lomé Togo, identifies himself as a chronicler from the streets of Lomé, hoping to transcend conceptualized narratives in mixed media abstract paintings of issues related to his identity, ancestry and the social realities of an African society in a deep metamorphoses, while making connection to systems that propagate these realities. For ANDRE his creative process of using materials within his works as symbolism helps him understand the world better as he studies the material and explores it within his narrative. During his childhood, he was quick to volunteer in the markets to collect plastic bags, broken glass, jute sacks and pieces of wood for his artistic materials. Andre was the first artist in residence at Berj Art Gallery, after 5 months in residency he exhibited his body of works in October 2021, titled “FRAGMENTS FROM THE STREETS '' a successful exhibition which led to him being collected globally.

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Installation shots