OWUSU-ANKOMAH Ghanaian, b. 1956



Since his artistic odyssey began in 1979, Nii Owusu-Ankomah has been a bridge between continents, cultures, and artistic expressions. Settling in Bremen, Germany, since 1986, his work pulsates with the rhythms of both his native Ghana and adopted European home.


The Asanteman Adinkra Symphony

Owusu-Ankomah's canvases dance with the recurring motifs of the Asanteman adinkra signs. In the crucible of gallery art, he reinterprets their symbolism while preserving their ancient significance. This fusion creates a vivid dialogue between tradition and innovation.


Metaphysical Explorations

In his recent works, Owusu-Ankomah delves into scientific, technological, metaphysical, and spiritual realms. He unfurls the tapestry of human evolution, explores the expanses of consciousness, and contemplates the eternal journey of the soul. Rooted in sacred geometry, he envisions ancient civilizations predating Egypt, leaving their indelible mark on his creations.


Crop Circles: A Cosmic Testimony

Owusu-Ankomah's oeuvre bears witness to the cosmic reality that humanity is not alone. Through his discerning eye, he brings forth the enigmatic language of crop circles, affirming our connection to celestial visitors past and present.


The Microcron Revelation

Immersed in introspection and research from 2004 to 2008, Owusu-Ankomah birthed the Microcron philosophy—a profound exploration of the ultimate symbol. This revelation intertwines theory and practice, offering a fresh paradigm in his artistic journey.


Dynamic Evolution

His earlier black-and-white masterpieces exuded a stark power. Over time, Owusu-Ankomah's art evolved. He introduced multiple figures, infusing his compositions with energy and depth. A recent shift towards color heralds a potential for even more introspective and expansive works, demonstrating a synthesis of thought seeking new visual avenues.


A Global Artistic Odyssey

Owusu-Ankomah's art has traversed continents, gracing galleries in Germany, Britain, the US, South Africa, South America, Europe, and Asia. His work transcends geographical borders, offering a universal language of artistic expression.


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