Komla Letsu Philip Ghanaian, b. 1987

Komla Letsu Philip (b. 1987, Ho) is a Ghanaian artist currently living and working in Ho,
Ghana. Komla's practice is driven by the significant need to document urban lifestyles
and culture. Focusing on the power memories and imagination in relation to
representation and identity formation, Philip creates paintings that confronts issues
surrounding representation with the intention to document that which is neglected.
He uses bold colours to his subjects, the attire they wear and the places they inhabit
in a very surreal way that cleverly feeds our visual hunger. Bold beautiful and brilliant
works are successfully composed through Komla's practice in a manner too proficient
to ignore using his imaginary language developed over the past 10 years of his artistic
In his words, Komla's expresses "my greatest inspiration is the innermost satisfaction
derived after a quiet time, when I take some time off to explore positive energies
found within to make paintings that feed the visual need and breed the admiration
from people. I translate illusions into reality by using the vocabulary of painting. I use
acrylic paints in all my work because it suits my painting themes; I like innovation in
my works because it gives me different opinions every time and my sense of colour
also adds some genuineness to the paintings. I try to portray what is in me in a more
familiar way.

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