Komla Letsu Philip Ghanaian, b. 1987



Welcome to the captivating world of Komla Letsu Philip, a Ghanaian artist born in the vibrant city of Ho in 1987. Komla is not just an artist; he is a storyteller, an observer of urban life, and a master of his craft. Residing and creating in his hometown of Ho, Ghana, Komla Letsu Philip's work breathes life into the bustling rhythms of the city.


A Passion for Capturing Urban Lifestyles

Komla Letsu Philip's artistic practice is a testament to his deep-seated desire to document the intricate tapestry of urban lifestyles and culture. His canvas serves as a mirror to society, reflecting the power of memories and the vivid realms of imagination as they relate to representation and identity formation.


The Power of Memory and Imagination

In the realm of his paintings, Komla Philip confronts issues surrounding representation with an unwavering intention to document the often overlooked and neglected aspects of life. His brush strokes are imbued with the bold colors of his subjects, their attire, and the places they inhabit. The result is a striking, surreal interpretation of reality that expertly satisfies our visual hunger.


Bold Colors and Surreal Realism

Komla's artistic language is a mesmerizing fusion of bold, beautiful, and brilliant colors. Over the past decade of his artistic journey, he has developed an imaginative lexicon that allows him to breathe life into his canvases in a manner that cannot be ignored. His work is a testament to the power of innovation, delivering fresh perspectives with every stroke.


A Profound Artistic Journey

For Komla Letsu Philip, inspiration emerges from within, a quiet exploration of positive energies that culminate in paintings that not only satiate our visual desires but also elicit admiration. He transforms illusions into reality through the vocabulary of painting, predominantly employing acrylics to align with the themes of his work. His innate sense of color infuses authenticity into each painting, creating a deeply personal connection between the artist, the canvas, and the viewer.


In Komla's Own Words

In the artist's own words, "My greatest inspiration is the innermost satisfaction derived after a quiet time, when I take some time off to explore positive energies found within to make paintings that feed the visual need and breed the admiration from people. I translate illusions into reality by using the vocabulary of painting. I use acrylic paints in all my work because it suits my painting themes; I like innovation in my works because it gives me different opinions every time and my sense of color also adds some genuineness to the paintings. I try to portray what is in me in a more familiar way."


At Berj Art Gallery, we invite you to explore the world of Komla Letsu Philip, where memory, imagination, and vibrant colors converge to create an artistic experience that resonates with the soul. Step into his world and witness the magic of urban life through the eyes and hands of this extraordinary artist.






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