Blissful Introspection


‘Blissful Introspection’ by Komla Letsu Phillip is a collective of acrylic canvases painted by the artist in his studio in Ho, Ghana. The works are co-curated by Arushi Kapoor of Arushi Gallery and William Prempeh of Berj Art Gallery. The works will be exhibited at Arushi Gallery’s Temple Street location in Los Angeles, California.

In his first solo presentation, Komla focuses on promoting genuine acceptance of oneself. In a world where we are constantly stimulated, Komla uses his work to express what silence makes him feel. The works depict figures in lively settings with distinctive blue eyes that subliminally signifies mental peace.

“I use my sense of coloring to add some genuineness to the paintings. I try to portray what is in me. Being me is what I create.”

The exhibition title was carefully chosen by the curators after studying what Komla was trying to convey – the importance of happy introspection.

1243 W Temple Street, Los Angeles CA 90012
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