Djedje Mel, born in Dabou, Cote d’Ivoir, and with a Diploma in Applied Art, quickly became aware of art as a mode of communication and set himself the task of creator. Five years of artistic exile will lead him to African capitals in search of new foundations and new cultures: encountering expressionism in Benin, abstract in Lomé (Togo), where he takes the risk in character, not afraid of being figurative, and only for reasons of profession: its form is in the line.
The painting of Djedje Mel is like a breath, constantly renewed by an inner source. For him, nothing is played in advance, the work is constructed, is created at the turn of the signs or forces to which the artist gives life. Matter and symbolism combine to say what is not manifest and nevertheless pre-exists beyond forms and gaze, playing simultaneously on a sculptured area or composition, accumulation or smoothing reflect the profound dimensions of the canvas.
Artist of effects and symbols, Djedje Mel draws on the wealth of the culture north of the Ivory Coast. As a committed and resolutely continental artist, he maintains contact with other African cultures by choosing to devote most of his exhibitions and workshops to African capitals, where he feeds on encounters and exchanges conducive to enriching his work as creator.