Ato Delaquis, one of the leading figures of the Ghanaian Renaissance, well known for his iconic paintings of horsemen of the Sahel, urban transport stations and marketplaces, colourful buses and bars filled with dancing and beer drinking Ghanaians as well landscapes and more abstract work, he is also a prolific draughtsman, and has worked in a wide variety of media including printmaking, watercolour and etchings.

His works, right from its beginnings, were largely inspired by modern African life, the rich and tragic history of his continent, the clash between the traditional and the modern but his starting point is always aesthetic. His focus has always been local and whilst he has gained international recognition he has never courted it.

Ato Delaquis has exhibited widely and his works are in private collections in Africa, Europe, the Americas and Australia. Many of his works have been sold at auction, including ‘Hi-Life’ sold at Bonhams New Bond Street ‘Africa Now’ in 2016 for $25,570.