Benjamin Offei-Nyako, more commonly referred to as BON, is an award winning Ghanaian painter and former pupil of Ablade Glover. A dedicated arts educator, BON teaches at The College of Art at the University of Science and Technology (KUNST) in Kumasi, Ghana. His work has been exhibited in West Africa, Europe and the USA. He is represented by the Artists Alliance and the Loom galleries all in Accra, Ghana (where it was purchased). He was awarded a Bulgarian Government Scholarship to the MFA (Painting) program at the Nikolai Pavlovich’s Institute of Fine Art in Sofia, Bulgaria where he studied from from 1979 – 1981. He was Fulbright scholar in residence in the art department at North Carolina Central University from 1999-2000.  BON’s eclectic works feature diverse styles, oscillating between traditional objectivism and contemporary abstraction. BON’s paintings focus on women in rural communities who, in his words, “toil day by day, some living on the periphery of poverty, yet going about their daily activities with dignity and pride.” For BON, his paintings exhibit a kind of beauty inherent in the simplicity of village life. He has said: “I love painting women. This is due to my training. I did a lot of female studies than male. Secondly, it is to honor our women folk who toil daily to put bread on our tables and see us through life’s complex journey.” However, a closer look at his works would reveal a strong inclination towards stylized realism, academic discipline and color orchestration which might have been influenced by his training in Eastern Europe.