Ayeva Médjeva


Ayeva Medjeva received most of his training in the workshop of Samir Zarour, at the School of Fine Arts of Abidjan. When he left, he kept his master’s taste for surrealism. His first creations therefore showed the real under the prisms of the unreal. Over time, he listened to his own artistic impulses, gave himself a new vocabulary. From now on, Ayeva has found his way, with more personal and lively productions that speak more to the heart. His paintings focus on the clashes and misfortunes of the African continent, on the present desolation of the men who live there. His gesture as a painter becomes mystery, installing codes with so many secret messages to unveil, for the advent of a better world. Ayeva Medjeva has won several local awards. He participated in numerous workshops and exhibited his works in Côte d’Ivoire and in the sub-region.