Crypto Madman | Berj Art Gallery

A mental health initiative exploring art therapy
28 October 2021

Art and film meet in the quintessential Kaneshie Market of Ghana

the product is an avant-garde initiative to raise awareness on Mental Health and Art therapy. In celebrating Berj Art Gallery turning 25 years, artist in residence, ANDRE DANGNO, collaborates with Actor and manager of Berj Art Gallery, William Prempeh, to produce a short film which will create an impact investing opportunity for art collectors through NFTs with the application of smart contracts. Andre Dangno conceptualizes chromotherapy in his abstract piece "L'Harmonie dans l'epreuve (2021)" using acrylic on Jute Sack, available on artnet. The jute sack happens to be the street blanket of the character CryptoMadman in the short film. A collection of CryptoMadman NFTs by Afrofuturistic artists @san.dersar and @mad.creative_ as well as shortfilm will be auctioned on @opensea with 100% royalties going towards  Ghana Mental Health Authority and Berj Art Foundation.