Latest Past Events

Fragments from the street – Andre Dangno

This solo exhibition will engage you with Andre's dreamlike visions, through his use of earth tone colors and elements. He identifies himself as a chronicler from the streets of Lome, walking us through an uncharted path exploring a multitude of details; fragments of architecture, symbols and life's mirages. He leads us to deeply introspect what […]

By Us and For Us: Pathways Toward Decolonizing Ghanaian Art

Berj Art Gallery 32, Labone Crescent, Labone, Accra

A forum for art enthusiasts, artists, and curators to critically examine the current nature of our art institutions and the pathways we use to fund, promote, and display African art, both locally and internationally. As Africa gains greater global attention, the risk of losing ownership over our art and creative spaces also exists. This discussion […]

The Exhibition

Berj Art Gallery 32, Labone Crescent, Labone, Accra

Accra will be hosting one of the most impactful art exhibitions ever dubbed ‘ Exhibition’ on August 30 – 31 at the Berj Art Gallery, Labone. This is a two-day event that seeks to raise awareness on the problems of plastic waste and its effects on Ghanaians and the country as a whole. The project lead, […]